Voila une définition que je défend déjà. Les sponsors ont trop souvent tendance à prendre le sprint backlog comme un engagement, une liste de choses que l’équipe s’engage à realiser.

Ken Schwaber's Blog: Telling It Like It Is

Empiricism is the act of making decisions based on what is. Scrum is an empirical process, sometimes described as “the art of the possible.” By this, I mean that we do the best we can with what we have.

A Product Owner plans a release based on all current information. He or she lays out the goals, the features and capabilities that will deliver those goals, and the probable cost and date of delivery. From that point on, the Product Owner’s job is to assess what is possible given the Team’s capabilities, and to make the best decisions to reach the desired goal. Given the nature of technology, markets, requirements, and people, trade-offs are made. Sometimes the goal cannot be reached for a reasonable price. Sometimes the goal will be reached, but in a way different from what the Product Owner initially intended. This is empiricism in action.

The Team…

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